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There is no doubt that digitalization can no longer be put off.

It enables actors to improve the performance of their processes and increase their competitiveness. It may be a complex path, but we can help you, and at no cost, because we are funded by regional, national and European funds.Digitalizing means integrating digital technologies and solutions in all areas of an organization, getting it to change the way it works and provides its services and products. It is a long path, one of cultural as much as technological transformation. And we are here to help you.

This is what IP4FVG
Industry Platform 4 FVG

the Friuli Venezia Giulia Digital Innovation Hub, is here to do, helping businesses, particularly SMEs, with digital transformation processes.

Benefits for businesses

  • Monitoring business processes to make more effective decisions
  • Reducing management and production times and optimizing resources and performance
  • Improving quality control for zero-defect production
  • Preventing problems from happening thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Optimizing the design of new products
  • Using and managing business data and protecting them with a view to Security 4.0
  • Getting to know customers better in order to optimize sales and anticipate market needs
  • In short, being more competitive!


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