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Modelling the growth of soldier fly larvae

Company BEF Biosystems Srl

Technology providers Optimad Srl

Technologies used Automation Simulation and optimization

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Optimisation of a mathematical model to be integrated into a system for automated parameter adjustment of a bioreactor

The project

BEF Biosystems’ experimental solution, implemented with the support of IP4FVG and in collaboration with Optimad, originates from the start-up’s need to automate the adjustment of the parameters of its equipment, i.e. innovative bioconverters for insect farming.

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Results and future developments

In collaboration with Optimad and by relying on the application of simulation and optimisation technologies, the company has developed a mathematical model that reproduces and optimises the growth curve of insects in the bioconverter and the thermal performance of the tank containing them. With this model, the company will be able to develop automated machine control and management software that will make the equipment more efficient for large-scale deployment.

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