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PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 13 of Regulation EU 679/2016

Purpose of the initiative

On 1 March 2018, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, in accordance with Regional Law 45/2017, entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of Economic Development and Area Science Park – a National Public Research Body supervised by the MIUR – for the creation of “ARGO”.

ARGO is a complex industrial system, whose coordination activities are entrusted to Area Science Park, based on process and product innovation to increase the competitiveness of the region. Its implementation rests on the development of four integrated lines of action as part of four assets.

Industry Platform 4 FVG (IP4FVG) is one of the strategic assets of ARGO, which brings together twenty-five regional partners engaging in the field of innovation, with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of businesses in the region.

IP4FVG is a tool ensuring that FVG businesses, notably SMEs, have access to services and tools for guidance on the topic of digitalisation, while fostering collaborations between regional entities with a view to launching pilot projects to promote digital transformation.

The initiative is structured around four regional hubs (consisting of Temporary Special-Purpose Vehicles – each having a lead partner), linked to as many Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, and a Steering Committee that governs the entire process.

The areas of specialisation related to the Industry 4.0 enabling technologies of each hub include:

  • Big data Integration & Analysis for the Udine Hub - lead partner: Confindustria Udine
  • Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for the Pordenone Hub - lead partner: Lean Experience Factory
  • Internet of Things for the Tolmezzo Hub - lead partner: Carnia Industrial Park
  • Data Optimization & Simulation for the Trieste Hub - lead partner: Area Science Park

Pursuant to Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679), in their capacity as data processors all members of the partnership under the agreements reached between the parties are authorised to process – on behalf of Area Science Park, i.e. the party implementing the complex projects by express provision of Regional Law 45/2017 and, as such, acting as data controller – the personal data necessary for the implementation of the IP4FVG initiative.

Partnership members:

  • Data Controller:

AREA DI RICERCA SCIENTIFICA E TECNOLOGICA DI TRIESTE – AREA SCIENCE PARK”, having its registered office in Trieste, Padriciano 99, a National Public Research Body;

  • Data processors:
    • DITEDI – Distretto Industriale delle Tecnologie Digitali S.C. A R.L., having its registered office in Tavagnacco (Udine), via l’Aquila 1;
    • ESTECO S.p.A., having its registered office in Trieste, Padriciano 99;
    • “Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le Nuove Tecnologie della Vita Alessandro Volta” Foundation, having its registered office in Trieste, Basovizza, c/o Area Science Park;
    • Modefinance s.r.l., having its registered office in Trieste, Padriciano 99;
    • Teorema Engineering s.r.l., having its registered office in Segrate (Milan), Segreen Business Park, via San Bovio 3;
    • Confindustria Venezia Giulia, having its registered office in Gorizia, via degli Arcadi 7;
    • Consorzio di Sviluppo Economico Locale di Tolmezzo - CO.SI.L.T., having its registered office in Tolmezzo (Udine), via Cesare Battisti 5;
    • Consorzio Innova FVG, having its registered office in Amaro (Udine), via Jacopo Linussio 1;
    • Eurotech S.p.A., having its registered office in Amaro (Udine), via Fratelli Solari 3/A;
    • INASSET s.r.l., having its registered office in Pasian Di Prato (Udine), via Spilimbergo 66;
    • Confindustria Udine, having its registered office in Largo Carlo Melzi 2;
    • Consorzio per lo Sviluppo Industriale del Friuli Centrale – COSEF, having its registered office in Udine, via Cussignacco 5;
    • Friuli Innovazione – Centro di Ricerca e di Trasferimento Tecnologico S.C. A R.L.– having its registered office in Udine, via Jacopo Linussio 51;
    • MITS Malignani – Istituto Tecnico Superiore, having its registered office in Udine c/o I.S.I.S. A. Malignani, viale Leonardo da Vinci 10;
    • Lean Experience Factory, having its registered office in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone), via Casabianca 3;
    • Society of Engineers of the Province of Pordenone, having its registered office in Pordenone, piazzetta Ado Furlan 2/8;
    • Fondazione ITS Kennedy ICT – Istituto Tecnico Superiore Informatica, having its registered office in Pordenone, via Prasecco 3/A;
    • Union of Industrialists of the Province of Pordenone, having its registered office in Pordenone, Piazzetta del Portello 2;
    • MIB Trieste School of Management, having its registered office in Trieste, largo Caduti di Nassiriya 1;
    • Pordenone University Consortium, having its registered office in Pordenone, via Prasecco 3/A;
    • Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Pordenone, having its registered office in Treviso, piazza delle Istituzioni 12;
    • Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone S.C.p.A. “Andrea Galvani”, having its registered office in Pordenone, via Roveredo 20b;
    • Cluster COMET S.c.r.l., having its registered office in Pordenone, piazzetta del Portello 2;
    • Cluster Arredo e Sistema Casa, having its registered office in Buttrio (Udine), via Divisione Julia 60;

According to the agreements between the partnership members, the personal data provided to the persons authorised for their processing by the data controller and data processors and which the partners will gain knowledge of during the conduct of the activities of the IP4FVG project will be processed in accordance with European Regulation 679/2016.

Pursuant to Article 13 of the aforementioned Regulation, Area Science Park and the other data processors for the IP4FVG project are required to provide the data subject, i.e., the person to whom the data refer, with the following information:

  • Identity and contact details of the Data Controller: the data controller of the personal data referred to in this privacy is Area Science Park, having its registered office in Trieste, Padriciano 99. The data subject may contact Area Science Park by writing to the above address or by sending an email to the following email addresses: urp@areasciencepark.it - certified email (PEC): protocollo@pec.areasciencepark.it
  • Data Processor: Area Science Park has appointed a data protection officer pursuant to Article 38 of European Regulation 679/2016, who may be reached at the following email address: rpd@areasciencepark.it
  • Purposes and legal basis of processing: the processing of personal data is intended exclusively for the deployment of the IP4FVG project and, more generally, the conduct of the corporate activities of the partners related at any rate to the IP4FVG project, such as the implementation of:
  • Initiatives to support the digitisation of businesses, based on promoting innovation, business-to-business collaboration for the introduction of digital technologies within the company, and support for the creation of new business ventures, including through by promoting liaisons between businesses, universities and other scientific institutions;
  • Specific technical-scientific and/or experimental projects involving institutions, local authorities, public authorities or private entities;
  • Business training and further education programmes.

The legal basis of the processing lies in the provisions of the Regional Law related to the ARGO project (Regional Law 45/2017) and contained in the Articles of Association (Article 3(1)(b), Article 2(c)), which govern the implementation of projects aimed at the development of innovative competitiveness of businesses and local areas, in collaboration with local, regional, national, international public institutions and private entities.

  • Recipients of personal data: without prejudice to disclosures to be made in pursuance of legal obligations or by order of the authority, data may be disclosed to natural or legal persons who carry out activities related to or in support of those conducted by Area Science Park or participate in the initiatives organised and managed by the latter as part of the ARGO project.

Finally, the data may be disseminated in the manner and within the limits laid down by laws and regulations, on the occasion of the promotion of the initiatives, projects and programmes referred to under 3) above and on the occasion of the dissemination and publication of the results of IP4FVG. Area Science Park shall make its best effort to ensure that disclosure of personal data to the aforementioned recipients pertains only to the data necessary to achieve the specific purposes for which they are intended.

  • Period of data retention: the processed data will be retained for the period of time necessary for the purposes of processing and thus until the conclusion of the implementation activities relating to the IP4FVG project or until such other term as laid down by the regulations applicable to the ARGO project. Verification of obsolescence of retained data in relation to collection purposes is carried out on a regular basis.
  • Rights of the data subject: with respect to the personal data provided, the data subject is entitled to exercise the following rights: (a) access to personal data; (b) rectification or erasure of data or restriction of processing; (c) objection to processing; (d) data portability (applicable only to data in electronically readable format); and (e) filing a complaint with a supervisory authority. It should be noted that to exercise the rights under (a) to (d) above, the data subject may send an email message to the following address: rpd@areasciencepark.it. Area Science Park is required to provide a response within one month of the request. This time limit may be extended to three months, taking into account the complexity of the subject matter.
  • Compulsory or optional nature of the provision of data and consequences of failure to provide personal data: the provision of personal data is optional, albeit necessary, for the pursuit of the purposes referred to under 3) above, and failure to provide such data, or incorrect or partial provision thereof, could result in the inability to proceed with the implementation activities of the IP4FVG project.

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