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Murano glass: product communication with holographic technology

Company Zanetti Murano Srl

Technology providers Lorenzo Calgaro - Innovation Manager

Technologies used Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Lorenzo Calgaro

Employing holographic technology systems as an innovative marketing tool

The project

Zanetti Murano Glassworks has embarked on a digital innovation project designed to optimise marketing, communication, logistics and product prototyping activities.

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Results and future developments

With the support of Innovation Manager Lorenzo Calgaro, the company selected the most suitable holographic technology hardware and software tools to represent the 3D version of its products in the real environment. Holographic technology is an innovative marketing tool for the glass industry and beyond, and will enable Zanetti Murano to improve the customer experience inside the showroom, optimise logistics at trade shows, and make time and cost management of prototyping new products more efficient.

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