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Optimisation of autonomous navigation of cleaning machines

Company Technological Systems by Moro Srl

Technology providers Visionqub.it Srl

Technologies used AI Automation and advanced mechatronics Cobot Internet of Things Machine vision and machine learning

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Autonomous navigation system for cleaning machines based on computer vision and AI

The project

TSM, together with VisionQub.it and with the support of IP4FVG, has developed an experimental project looking into the possibility of improving the autonomous navigation systems installed on the waste cleaning and collection machines made by the company.

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Results and future developments

This new prototype integrates existing technology with new computer vision sensors, communicates with a remote control interface, and employs artificial intelligence algorithms that improve its movement in space. At the end of the experimentation stage, the machines will be made autonomous, able to avoid obstacles and recognise objects and people, while increasing their safety level and improving their performance.

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