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Production plant for vertical farming: creating the digital twin

Company ZERO Srl

Technology providers Tre.digital srl

Technologies used AI BIM – Building Information Modeling Internet of Things

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Virtualisation of the production environment for smooth and efficient management of a vertical farming plant

The project

With the support of IP4FVG and Test4Digitalization call, Zero has implemented a production environment virtualisation pilot project designed to streamline the management of the Vertical Farms it makes. By integrating BIM models with data from IoT sensors installed on plants, Zero has developed a digital twin of its own plant. The solution, developed in conjunction with TreDigital, allows information to be viewed in real-time while facilitating infrastructure maintenance and control activities.

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Results and future developments

The project has proven to be effective and opens up the possibility of virtualising future production plants by blending design, construction and life-cycle requirements into a single, controllable path.

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