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Remote management and maintenance of electromedical instrumentation

Company Telea Electronic Engineering Srl

Technology providers Tempestive Spa

Technologies used AI Internet of Things

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Development of an IoT platform for data collection and processing in the cloud

The project

Telea’s experimentation arises from the need to collect and analyse data from electromedical instruments developed by the company. Telea, with the support of Tempestive and IP4FVG, has developed a solution that communicates with the cloud by sending and processing data while allowing equipment to be monitored and managed remotely.

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Results and future developments

A way to enable predictive and remote instrument maintenance activities to be conducted more smoothly, improving at the same time operator’s use of devices and clinical services delivered to patients. The large-scale application of this tested technology solution will make it possible to ensure greater control over the life cycle of products, streamline maintenance activities, and devise new business models.

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