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Optimising a machine tool using IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Company Officine Forgiarini Srl

Technology providers Visup Srl

Technologies used Data analysis Internet of Things Sensors

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Automatic detection and correction of milling machine chatter using sensors and Artificial Intelligence

The project

Officine Forgiarini’s pilot endeavour, developed in collaboration with Visup and through the support of IP4FVG, addresses the need to automate the supervision of one of the milling machines in the plant to predict tool wear and optimise machining parameters in a process with high variability of machined parts.

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Results and future developments

The study of the dynamic behaviour of the equipment has led to the identification of a set of IoT sensors that can automatically recognise the type of vibrations produced and, using machine learning, associate them with specific working conditions or events. Following the testing and training phase of the algorithms, the system will be able to collect and process data, and communicate autonomously with the machine to avoid processing errors, thus enhancing business productivity.

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