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DA&AI – Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

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Production analysis and quality control

Data collection, data analysis and artificial intelligence for plant data analysis and production quality control.

A mix of machine vision solutions to capture and analyse product images and detect defects, rejecting non-conforming parts. The integration of artificial intelligence software – thanks to data analysis models and deep learning algorithms – makes it possible to detect production anomalies even in complex cases.

Reproducible tests
in the Living LAB

  • Optical web inspection technology based on line scan cameras for capturing images of objects moving at high speed.
  • Optical technology with structured light pattern projection to analyze products with variable colors and textures.
  • Lighting devices with Bright field LED technology to produce high intensity, stable and uniform lighting at low cost.
  • Embedded controller for the development of machine vision algorithms integrated and synchronized with other automation systems.
  • Deep learning models based on deep convolutional neural networks to identify defects that are undetectable using traditional techniques.
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Benefits for businesses

  • To monitor 100% of production in real time.
  • To implement an objective, repeatable and robust quality system.
  • To monitor with high accuracy, reducing false positives and negatives.
  • To integrate data processing with existing automation in your process.
  • To track defects, for zero defect production.
  • To raise production efficiency.
  • • To improve and automate visual inspection tasks.

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