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AMS - Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone)
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A comprehensive view of advanced digital technologies for the manufacturing industry, which large, small and medium-sized enterprises can leverage

A real 4.0 model factory is shown in the demonstrator. From machinery, warehouse management, assembly and test stations to offices: you can see integrated digital solutions for all business areas and appreciated their benefits first-hand.

Digitisation tests and processes that can be reproduced in the living lab

  • Pick to Light for paperless and hands-free order preparation;
  • Visual Recognition for automatically shape and product recognition;
  • Collaborative Robots for COBOT production;
  • AGVs, i.e. automated, unmanned vehicles for warehouse transport;
  • Product and process Digital Twin;
  • Purchasing automation integrating procurement functions;
  • Smart Product Development;
  • Office Automation to automate and speed up office tasks and procedures;
  • Robotic Process Automation;
  • Augmented and mixed reality for standard operating procedures;
  • Construction 4.0, such as Building Information Modelling - BIM and Real Time Tracking of workers and equipment.
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Benefits for businesses

  • Improve the quality of production by reducing scrap and false positives;
  • Increase production efficiency by reducing downtime and rework times;
  • Reduce maintenance costs by relying on predictive maintenance underpinned by data analysis;
  • Improve after-sales service through remote customer support solutions.

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