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IoT - Internet of Things

Amaro (Udine)
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From a traditional factory to a smart enterprise: integrated sensors and communication systems to connect plants and exchange data between machines and operators.

Sensors, retrofitting of industrial machines, PLCs, gateways and dashboards for remote control: solutions to transform machines into smart and connected equipment, enabling data to be collected throughout the production process.

Digitisation tests and processes that can be reproduced in the living lab

  • Dashboards with real-time data from IoT devices for production control and monitoring;
  • System for real-time visual inspection of product quality based on Edge Computing technology of Deep Learning algorithms;
  • Predictive maintenance model based on machine data and predictive algorithms;
  • Virtual factory model linked to physical control systems (PLCs);
  • Smart tank monitoring system and digital shadow;
  • Retrofitting of industrial equipment.
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Benefits for businesses

  • Monitor real-time data and parameters of plants and production;
  • Increase production efficiency;
  • Reduce turnaround time and waste of materials;
  • Automate activities and collect production data;
  • Analyse, including remotely and in real time, plant information;
  • Improve decision-making activities.

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