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DOS – Data Optimization & Simulation

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From physical to virtual

Simulation technologies for industry, from product design and optimization to virtual or augmented reality reproduction of environments, products and processes.

A range of solutions for the reproduction and analysis of products and environments as well as complex processes: technologies for virtual prototyping, training of employees in simulated settings, management of warehouse in augmented reality or of construction site through IoT.

Reproducible tests
in the Living Lab

  • Product simulation using finite element analysis (FEM - Finite Element Method).
  • Integration of FEM simulation and optimization for designing mechanical components.
  • Simulation of metal hot stamping process.
  • Simulation of pedestrian movement applied to a building evacuation plan.
  • Simulation of a logistics hub management process.
  • Monitoring and optimization of road vehicle fleet routes.
  • Optimization of a building's energy behavior.
  • IoT platforms and solutions for the management of construction site activities.
  • Augmented reality solutions for maintenance management.
  • Collaborative solutions using immersive reality tools.
  • Platforms for corporate asset management.
  • Innovative solutions for human resource management.
  • Support solutions for information security and GDPR compliance.
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Benefits for businesses

  • Reducing design time and costs.
  • Raising efficiency and improving product and process performance.
  • Carrying out stress tests safely and at no extra cost.
  • What-if analyses and evaluating project performance.
  • Improving decision-making activities.
  • Carrying out remote and real-time collaboration activities.
  • Training employees safely by reproducing environments in immersive or augmented reality.

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